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Bella Hadid Shares Family’s History in Palestine and Attends NYC March

Bella Hadid has given her fans an insight into her family’s history in Palestine.

The supermodel, who attended a march in New York City today to call for the freedom and equal rights of her Palestinian brothers and sisters, shared a photo of her grandparents on Instagram.

“My Teta and my Jido’s wedding in Nazareth, Palestine in 1941,” she captions the pic before describing their royal heritage.


“Princess Khairiah Daher Hadid (whom I was given my middle name, Khair), Grand Daughter of the Prince of Nazareth and the Ruler of Galilee. Married Professor Anwar Hadid from the Hadid Quarters of Safad, Palestine of a Prominent Al Haj and Shiek Mohamed Hadad of Safad.”

Bella explains her grandparents went on to have eight children and also shared a photo of her aunts and uncles with her dad, “baba” Mohamed Hadid, as kids. (Swipe to see.)


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A post shared by Bella 🦋 (@bellahadid)

“With 8 children under the age of 15, who were taken out of their homes in Palestine in 1948, becoming refugees in Syria, then Lebanon, then Tunisia.”

She adds that she loves her family and her heritage:

“I love Palestine. I will stand strong to keep their hope for a better land in my heart. A better world for our people and the people around them. They can never erase our history. History is history!”


Earlier, Bella also made it clear that she does not condone hate from either side.

“I will not stand to hear people talk badly about Jewish people through all of this. This is about HUMANITY not about religion!!!! This is about freedom in Palestine.”

Bella’s sister Gigi Hadid has also been vocal about wanting peace and equality for Palestinians. In a post on her Instagram she shares her response to someone accusing her of being anti-semitic:

“I condemn anti-semitism. ‘I’ am not trying to kill you, nor would I ever want that. I do not wish any more deaths upon Israelis, just as I feel about Palestinians. What I do want is equal rights for Palestinians. There are also Jewish Palestinians and Christian Palestinians, as there was, coexisting, with my father’s Muslim Palestinian family when he was born in Palestine in 1948. I wish you peace.”

You can learn more about the current situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories through the United Nations and human rights organisation, Amnesty International.

(Feature Image Credit: @bellahadid/Instagram)

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