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Halsey and Yungblud are Helping Injured Protestors in Los Angeles

Halsey and Yungblud. Photos: Jamie Lamor Thomson/Shutterstock & Cubankite/Shutterstock

Photos by Jamie Lamor Thomson/Shutterstock and Cubankite/Shutterstock

Singers Halsey and Yungblud are in Santa Monica once again protesting against racism and police brutality – and this time, they’re pleading for anyone with medical training to standby on the outskirts of the rallies to treat people who are injured.

“I don’t know how to articulate the horrors of today,” Halsey writes on Twitter.

“We don’t have enough medics on the ground on our side. I was treating injuries I am not qualified to. So much blood spilled.”

She describes bandaging a man “who looked like his entire face had exploded today” after being hit by rubber bullets:

According to Halsey, fellow singer Yungblud “literally ran exposed in front of rounds being shot to drag wounded people to safety without even thinking twice.”


Halsey also shared a short video showing police advancing towards them.

“We’re doing nothing and they’re still advancing,” Halsey can be heard saying in the clip before a small explosion takes place.

The singer was hit twice by pellets and shrapnel at an earlier Los Angeles protest.

“We were peaceful. Hands up. Not moving. Not breaching the line,” she writes in an Instagram story.

“Most of us were simply begging them to have empathy…..they opened fire multiple times.”

Halsey is also using her platform to urge those who are attending the protests as allies of the black community to listen.

“If they are venting their pain and anguish out loud do not speak over them. Allies are there to help when help is needed. Not take control of the narrative, there’s enough of that already.”

To learn more about how Halsey and Yungblud are standing in solidarity with the black community, follow their updates on Twitter:

@iamhalsey and @yungblud.


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