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“What Would You Do?” Nakkiah Lui’s Powerful Message for Australia

Nakkiah Lui on The Project TV (Photo: Channel 10)

Nakkiah Lui on The Project TV (Photo: Channel 10)

Nakkiah Lui is urging non-Indigenous Australians to think about the police brutality and racism experienced by First Nations people, as the Black Lives Matter protests continue across the US.

The actress and writer who is a Gamillaroi and Torres Strait Islander woman, has appeared on Channel 10’s The Project to discuss Australia’s own horrors and encourage us all to take action to create change.

The conversation begins with Carrie Bickmore reading out a message Nakkiah posted on Twitter about Aboriginal deaths in custody:

“Over 424 Aboriginal people have lost their lives since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. That’s 14 people murdered a year. If a white person was murdered every month for 24 years by the same group, we’d call them terrorists. You call it Australia.”

“These people aren’t just numbers,” Nakkiah explains. “They have names. David Dungay. Tanya Day. And they are loved – they are still loved.”

“For the people watching, I want to say: think about your loved ones. Think about what would you do if they died begging for help? What would you do if they died with a knee on their neck? How angry would  you be?” she asks.

“What I’m saying is, be angry for us. Stand with us. Protest with us, because we need you.”

Nakkiah ends by urging everyone to create “a better world for each other.”

Watch the segment below:

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