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Barbie core fashion inspiration: Affordable finds on Amazon

Barbie Core Fashion Inspiration: 10 Affordable Amazon Finds!

Need some Barbie core fashion inspiration? We’ve got you covered!

Barbie has been a global sensation for over 60 years, and one of the main things that’s made her so iconic is her amazing wardrobe – hot pink outfits, decorated jumpsuits, denim skirts, vintage swimsuits! And with the new Barbie film about to hit cinemas, we have no doubt our favourite doll is about to set some hot new trends once again.

Whether you’re a long-time Barbie fan or just looking for some fresh fashion inspiration, embracing the Barbie core aesthetic is all about channelling the feminine, confident and playful vibes. That can mean diving into the trend head to toe or donning a little Barbie core accessory here or there to add to your own unique style.

Here are some of our favourite finds on Amazon – enjoy! (Please note all prices listed below are as at time of publication and subject to change.)



1. Barbie-Inspired Double Heart Earrings (AU $18.85)

Double heart shaped earrings, barbie core style from Amazon.com



2. Barbie-Inspired Raglan Baseball Tee (AU$33.47)

White, blue and pink Barbie logo raglan baseball tee from Amazon.com



3. Barbie-Inspired Cut-Out Swimsuit (AU$43.66)

Barbie core swimsuit - two tone monokini from Amazon.com



4. Barbie Inspired Pyjamas

Two-piece Barbie pyjamas for women from Amazon.com



5. Hot Pink Women’s Polo Top (AU$23.39)

Barbie core fashion inspiration: hot pink polo top




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6. Pink & White Halter Dress

pink and white plaid barbie-inspired halter dress



7. Retro Vintage Barbie-Inspired Sunglasses (AU$17.45)

Barbie core fashion inspiration: retro cat-eye sunglasses



8. Barbie Logo Sliders (AU$40.75)

Barbie core fashion inspiration: pink Barbie logo sliders




9. Hot Pink Quilted Shoulder Purse (AU$36.32)

Barbie core fashion inspiration: hot pink quilted purse



10. Pink Fluffy Slip-Ons (AU$48.29)

pink fluffy Barbie heels for women



And here are some other Barbie collabs we can’t get enough of:


Barbie X OPI Nail Polish


Barbie x Dragon Glassware Champagne Flutes


Barbie x Kitsch Heatless Curling Set


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