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Drew Barrymore Shares Her Favourite Things About Meghan Trainor

You know what we always say here at CelebrityKind… Don’t be fooled by the tabloids. 

They like to push the narrative that women hate each other, often pit women against each other and generally make out like it’s all a big competition. When in reality? It’s the opposite!

When you look closely, women are looking out for each other, cheering each other on and lifting each other up, all the time!

Like Drew Barrymore did this week when she created a TikTok dedicated to singer Meghan Trainor. 

The talk-show host listed five things she loves about her friend, starting with “she’s always down for my wild ideas.”

In the short clip, we see the two being filmed in adjacent toilet cubicles for a segment on The Drew Barrymore Show. 

We then see the two of them dancing on set, with Drew listing her second point as “her music makes the world a better place.”

Her other three points quickly follow:

“She brings out the BEST in me,”

“She has the biggest heart,” and…

“She’s truly the best hugger ever.”

The clip ends with the two of them in a beautiful bear hug … and what can we say but hell yes to more positive representations of female friendships in the media!

Check out the wholesome video below (set, of course, to Meghan’s song, “Don’t I Make It Look Easy”!)

@drewbarrymore Hi, @meghantrainor ♬ Don’t I Make It Look Easy – Meghan Trainor

(Feature Image Credit: a katz/Shutterstock; DFree/Shutterstock)

Nehal is an award-winning news presenter, the author of "A Kids Book About Kindness Online" and the founder of CelebrityKind.

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