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A close up of Ariana DeBose wearing a strapless dress and smiling with a sparkling blue wall behind her. She's at the 'Wish' premiere in London.

Ariana DeBose Shares Little Letters of Love For ‘Wish’ Cast

Ariana DeBose is sharing her immense gratitude and love for her fellow Wish voice actors.

The superstar, who voices heroine Asha in the Disney production, recently took to Instagram to post her thanks. Beginning with Chris Pine who voices the charming but villainous Magnifico, she writes:

“Chris, you are astonishing to me. I have loved witnessing your work and now to know our voices will live within this piece as part of Disney history – well, saying I’m honoured is an understatement. Thank you Sir. Xo Ari.”

Ariana’s next message is for Victor Garber who plays Sabino, Asha’s 100-year-old Grandfather:

“Sir, I have loved you and your work for a very long time. Thank you for bringing your charm and joy to our film. I’m proud that I can say we’re on this project together. I adore you, my Saba.”


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For Angelique Cabral, aka Queen Amaya, Ariana writes:

“Angelique, I’m so proud of your work in this film. Your Amaya is such a beautiful example of how you can love and still make hard choices. I am so grateful to have worked together on this film.”

Ariana also shared a message for Natasha Rothwell who voices Sakina, Asha’s mother:

“Natasha, you are the perfect Sakina! Thank you for adding your talents to this film. Sakina is such a good representation of parental love and support in this beautiful multigenerational family.”

And Ariana’s final message is for the group she calls “Asha’s crew” which includes actors Harvey Guillen, Jennifer Kumiyama, Niko Vargas, Ramy Youssef, Evan Peters, Jon Rudnitsky and Della Saba.

“Harvey, Jennifer, Niko, Evan, Ramy, Jon, Della. It’s an honour having you all represent such a diverse supportive and fierce friend group! #RosasSquadGoals. Xo Ari.”

Of course, they are all overwhelmed by Ariana’s sweet words, because who doesn’t want to feel appreciated, valued and seen? Many of them responded in the comments section with their own equally heartfelt messages including Angelique Cabral who posted, “Whelp, this got me. I love you @arianadebose what an absolute honour of a lifetime.”

Wish is out now in theatres, marking Disney’s 100th anniversary. It will also be released on Disney+ on December 26.

(Feature Image Credit: Fred Duval/Shutterstock.com)

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