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Two photos side by side of Drew Barrymore smiling at a press event and Taylor Swift dressed in a sparkling lavender corset, holding a mic to her mouth and smiling while performing at stage at her Eras Tour.

Drew Barrymore Shares Love For Taylor Swift: “You Transcend. And Make Life Beautiful”

Drew Barrymore is bursting with love for Taylor Swift!

The actor, producer, talk-show host and all ’round awesome human recently attended Taylor’s “Eras Tour” show in New York with her daughters, 10-year-old Olive and 9-year-old Frankie – and she took to Instagram to express her gratitude for the superstar:

“I cried so hard when you sang welcome to NEW YORK. I moved here not knowing where my life was going. And I actually found myself so happy in this chapter,” she begins, sharing a series of pics of the Midnights singer on stage.

In one of the photos (which you can check out here, we see a blurry image of Drew looking up at Taylor with complete adoration in her eyes.

“I also cried watching my daughters and cousin Sadie watch and love and sing to someone so admirable. YOU. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!! You are the role model all of us girls and women need. Thank you for one of the best nights of our lives. We are so lucky to have seen your show. Your oh so giving 3 hour show.”

Drew ends her message, “Ps we listen to you on vinyl every morning to get ready for our day. You transcend. And make life beautiful. Everyone passing beaded bracelets around. Witnessing the good.”


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She’s not the only celeb to stop by Taylor’s concerts either. Blake Lively and her daughters attended  a show in Philadelphia whilst Miles and Keleigh Teller were in the audience in New Jersey along with Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello!

Taylor kicked off her Eras Tour in March in Glendale, Arizona and has 52 stops in total across the U.S. She’s been impressing crowds with her 44-song set list, pulling tracks from her various studio albums, which she’s been performing even in the pouring rain!

(Feature Image Credits: Drew Barrymore photo by Lev Radin/ Shutterstock.com, Taylor Swift photo by Scott Eisen/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management)

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