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Leah Remini attends a red carpet event. She has wavy brown hair and wears a floral white and pink top.

Leah Remini is Full of Gratitude as She Marks ‘King of Queens’ 25th Anniversary

Leah Remini is reflecting on her time on the hit series King of Queens as the show marks its 25th anniversary!

Yes, it’s been 25 whole years since we were first introduced to Doug and Carrie Heffernan, and of course, Carrie’s very memorable dad, Arthur. The show debuted in the U.S. on September 21, 1998.

In a post on Threads, Leah recalled landing the role and expressed her gratitude for a wonderful cast and fanbase:

“Today is the 25th anniversary of the premiere of ‘King of Queens’. By the time I signed on as Carrie Heffernan, I had been to hundreds of auditions, was cast in many pilots and some short-lived series and was finally offered ‘The King of Queens.’ As soon as production started on season one, I knew I was home, and I am blessed to say I was part of a truly special show that went on for nine season and 207 episodes and still lives on successfully in syndication.”

She added that the cast of Kevin James, Jerry Stiller, Victor Williams, Gary Valentine, Patton Oswalt and Nicole Sullivan were “amazing”:

“They all made me laugh every day. Our gifted guest and recurring cast made the show what it is. Working with the cast, crew and our awesome dedicated writers and producers was a dream come true for an actress.”


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Leah went on to share how much it means to her that fans all over the world have been supporting the show for more than two decades:

“I want to let you all know that I see the comments where you say that you fall asleep every night to The King of Queens, that it got you through a rough day and tough times in your lives, that you laughed for the first time in your day watching us, or that you watch several episodes a day, or that you and yoru family bond over watching the episodes in syndication. One fan commented that her family is a three-generation King of Queens household: her mom watches it, she watches it, and now her daughter watches it.”

The show was nominated for multiple awards including a Primetime Emmy nomination for Kevin James for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

He also celebrated the show’s 25th anniversary with a message on Instagram:

“25 years ago today, we aired. I am so incredibly blessed to have taken this ride with the insanely talented @leahremini and Jerry Stiller. I love you both so much… and thank you to the GREATEST FANS in the world 🌎 LOVE YOU! 🙏❤️”

(Feature Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com)

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