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Yael stone smiles at a press event.

Yael Stone Powerfully Rejects Tabloid Headlines By Sharing Gratitude For Her Body

Yael Stone is grateful for, not ashamed of, her body – and you bet we’re over here, cheering her on.


The beloved actor who famously portrayed Lorna Morello in Orange is The New Black, and is about to star in the Paramount+ thriller One Night, has taken to Instagram to share a series of headlines and paparazzi shots published by an Australian tabloid over the years.

And sure, if you really must know what those headlines are, you can read them for yourself here – but far more important than the ridiculous commentary about her appearance is Yael’s message of gratitude for her body. A message of self-love, acceptance and acknowledgment for both what her body has carried her through, and what it continues to do:

“When I saw the most recent images of my body, a body that 3 months prior birthed our 2nd baby, I had a momentary desire to punish myself. But then I thought, ‘That’s what this game is designed to make us feel; shame.’ So no, I will not hate my body. I will not be ashamed of this body that does amazing things for me everyday.”

In her message, the actor and climate advocate uses the example of how a day at the beach with friends gets twisted into a headline about appearance by the media. (And we all know how damaging these headlines can be, not only for the celebrity dealing with constant commentary about their bodies, but also for readers who learn to judge their own bodies too. Not cool.)


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She continues her post, “A body that gave us our daughters and performs all manner of biological miracles. And a body that is ageing and changing and will one day stop.”

Yael ends with a refreshing take and a beautiful reminder for us all: “Till that day I say, thank you body for working so hard to carry me around! You are a lovely vehicle for my mind and spirit, those things that truly matter.”

Did you get that last bit? About how our bodies carry our hearts and minds? 

Our bodies are literally keeping us alive. So next time you see a body-shaming headline or one that’s sole purpose is to invite judgment or commentary on someone’s appearance, remember to keep scrolling. 

When we click on those posts, we increase the publication’s readership numbers, essentially telling them we want more posts like that. When we directly comment (out of outrage or to call them out), we increase the post’s engagement, boosting its visibility.

The best thing we can do is let these posts disappear altogether… and keep loving our bodies, Yael-style, just as we are.

(Feature Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins/ Shutterstock.com)

*This post was originally published on August 25, 2023 and has been republished on April 2, 2024 with minor formatting edits.

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