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Spencer Barbosa’s Beautiful Reminder to Embrace Change & Growth

Spencer Barbosa has an important message for us all – to persist through change and ultimately embrace the personal growth that comes with it.

The much-loved content creator and entrepreneur who has amassed a following of over 8.7 million on TikTok for her uplifting – and real – posts, has shared a video which begins with a clip of her in tears. Set to the words “if you never bleed, you’re never gonna grow” from Taylor Swift’s “the 1”, we then see Spencer celebrating her wins.

“Growth can be painful, challenging and exhausting…but it can also be BEAUTIFUL, LIFE CHANGING & NECESSARY.” she captions the clip.


“Every single day, we wake up with the opportunity to GROW! The opportunity to become 1% better, the opportunity to be a kinder person. The opportunity to chase our dreams. Change is scary, the unknown scares the SH** out of me. Taking that LEAP of doing what is right for you is so damn hard,” she continues, adding that she’s felt particularly alone lately.

“But the thing is… when you have YOURSELF, you’re never really alone. When you have your OWN back and know that regardless of what happens YOU have YOU… it’s not scary or lonely anymore. Truthfully, I’ve changed more in the past few months than I have in my entire life. I feel myself becoming more confident, more outgoing and more driven. And I love it. I’m falling in LOVE with the woman I am becoming.”


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Spencer’s message doesn’t end there. She adds, “moral of the story: if you never bleed you’re never gonna grow. And I WANT TO GROW. I WANT TO CHANGE. I DON’T TO BE THE SAME 15 YEAR OLD GIRL SCARED OF GETTING MADE FUN OF. I WANT TO BE A 20 YEAR OLD WOMAN READY TO PROUDLY SPEAK HER OPINION REGARDLESS OF IF MY VOICE IS SHAKING.”

Her video has been met with love and support from fans all over the world, including Canadian mummy duo Cat & Nat who write, “It’s a journey and you sharing yours is so inspiring especially to young girls and women.”

(Feature Image Credit: Spencer.Barbosa/Instagram)

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