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Camila Cabello Shares Powerful Message About Learning to Enjoy Life in a Society Fixated on Appearance

Camila Cabello has shared a candid message about the challenge of enjoying life in her own body in a world that values how it looks above all else – something no doubt many of us can relate to.

In a post on Instagram, the superstar who is known for being wonderfully outspoken about accepting ourselves and existing just as we are, describes being conscious of paparazzi photographing her in a bikini whenever she visits a beach club in Miami:

“Every time, I’ve felt super vulnerable and unprepared,” she writes, adding that if the comments left on the photos impacted her self esteem, she would remind herself that she “was thinking the culture’s thoughts” rather than her own.

But heading to the beach club again today, she did go prepared for the paparazzi, made sure she looked good and still didn’t enjoy herself at all: “I held my core so tight my abs hurt and didn’t breathe and barely smiled and was so self conscious of where the paps were the whole time, I couldn’t let go and relax and do what we’re meant to do when we go out into nature.”


“I felt the emptiness and sadness of our culture’s thought that became my thoughts. I wanted to talk about this because we see pictures of women and praise them for looking good, for looking fit or ‘healthy’ but what is health if you are so fixated on what your body looks like that your mental health suffers and you can’t enjoy your life?”

And while we may not have the added pressures of the paparazzi constantly following our every move as Camila and her celebrity friends do, many of us have felt these same emotions. May of us have been so overcome by the unrealistic standards of beauty imposed by society, so worried by what others think and how we are perceived appearance-wise, it becomes impossible to actually be in the moment and enjoy life.

Camila ponders who it is exactly that she (and really all of us) are trying to look attractive for  – “am I even attractive to myself if I can’t let loose and relax and have fun and be playful on a beautiful day at the beach?”

At one point, she noticed kids having fun without a care about body image in the world. Camila admits that she’s not at the point in her journey where she can not care how she looks but is working to go back to her 7-year-old self: “happy, silly, breathing, pretending to be a mermaid. FREE.”

“Intellectually, I know what I look like doesn’t determine how healthy, happy or sexy I am. Emotionally, the messaging I get from our world is loud in my own head.”

Her message, shared with her 61 million followers, was met with complete empathy and understanding:

“This made me cry,” commented Paris Hilton. “Thank you for writing this. So important for people to hear. You are beautiful inside and out.”

Lily Collins writes, “I feel you and am sending all the love and positive vibes your way.”

You can read Camila’s full message below:


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