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Do it in a Dress, with Megan Castran!

Some days my social media feed is full of doom and gloom (I follow a lot of journalists – ha!) But amongst the darkness, no matter what may be happening in the news, there is always a beacon of light, celebrating all that is good in the world.

That beacon is Megan Castran. She’s the creative mind behind the successful jewellery line Jewelchic, a YouTube personality, a mum and is often referred to as “Oprah’s Aussie BFF”– yes, remember taco night?

What makes her stand out is a combination of things really. Some say it’s her infectious smile or her sartorial splendour, usually in the form of a dazzling Camilla kaftan and rainbow nail polish. Others say it’s her acknowledgement of her thousands of followers, making time to reply to each one, or her ability to find pure joy and gratitude in the smallest of things. But what we love most about Megan here at CelebrityKind, is her constant desire to help others.

Megan is once again an Ambassador for Do it in a Dress, a fun campaign where you put on a school dress while raising funds to educate girls in Africa. Her mission this year is to raise $50,000, with a little help from all of us.

For Megan, supporting girls and young women on the other side of the world makes total sense:  “I just think that we’re all connected and we’re all people and whoever we can help, whoever pulls at our heart strings or touches us or whoever we feel connected to, that’s who we should be helping.”

At the moment, there are more than 60 million girls worldwide who are missing out on schooling. In Sierra Leone, a girl is more likely to be a child bride than a high school student. In Uganda, 4 out of 5 girls don’t go to secondary school at all.

“It’s important girls get an education because once a girl is educated, it improves the whole community.” Megan couldn’t be more right.

For every year a girl stays in school, her income increases by at least 10%. There are more opportunities for work. There are more ways she can help her extended family and community. Plus she’s more likely to get married later, and have a healthy family when she’s ready.

It’s Megan’s 5th year taking part in Do it in a Dress. In the past she’s hosted taco nights and hot yoga classes – all while wearing a school dress, of course!


Megan and her daughter, Zoe, doin’ it in a dress! (Pic: Facebook/Jewelchic)

Megan and her daughter, Zoe, doin’ it in a dress! (Pic: Facebook/Jewelchic)

This year, she’s calling on her 12-thousand strong followers to do their bit and organise a fundraising event too. She’s started the Jewelchic Super Team to collectively raise $50,000.She’s also holding a raffle and she’s called in a famous friend to help out – Oprah, yes OPRAH, is donating a pair of signed shoes and a handbag as prizes!

All the money raised will go to One Girl, an organisation which gives girls in places like Sierra Leone and Uganda scholarships to go to school. They’re provided with all the basics – books, bags, shoes, a uniform and more – and they are supported until they graduate. The foundation works with schools too, building facilities like toilets, which many don’t have, and safe class rooms.

Megan fondly remembers her own days at school and like many of us, now realises just how fortunate she was. “I went to a private girls school in Geelong called Morongo, and I was there from kindergarten right through to senior year. It was a beautiful school, I loved it and it was in beautiful grounds. I had lovely teachers and I had no problems. I wasn’t in the popular group  and I wasn’t in the cool group or the terrible group … I just sort of hung out with all sorts of different people. I sort of went in and out of all of those groups. Did I take it for granted? I don’t know, I just went to school ..probably (yes) then, if I say that!”

The Do it in a Dress campaign runs until the end of October. If you’d like to join the Jewelchic Super Team, (or maybe you just want to walk around in OPRAH’s SHOES ? ) check out THIS PAGE.


Nehal is an award-winning news presenter, author of "A Kids Book About Kindness Online" and founder of CelebrityKind. She has dedicated her career to creating connected and healthy spaces in the media. When she's not writing, you'll find Nehal hanging with family, dancing to Beyoncé, interpreting Taylor Swift lyrics or watching old eps of Oprah.

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