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Fran Drescher’s New Edu-Series to Help Prevent Disease

A lot has been happening for actress Fran Drescher since working in that bridal shop in Flushing Queens …when her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes! (You know I had to.)

Not only did The Nanny star become a house-hold name in the 90s, take part in a number of movies and animated series including the Hotel Transylvania trilogy and make her Broadway debut as stepmother “Madame” in Cinderella, but she also survived uterine cancer.

And now Fran Drescher is using her platform to empower others to take control of their health, reduce disease and maybe even prevent it in the first place.

Earlier this month, she launched a web-based educational series through her foundation Cancer Schmancer, featuring health experts on cancer, Alzheimers, auto-immune diseases, diabetes and nutrition.


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Today begins the BINGE! If you missed any episode GO! https://www.cancerschmancer.org/summit/eduseries/all/

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The 6-part series which is streaming for free during the month of December is aimed at taking a holistic approach to health and wellness. Some of the topics explored include groundbreaking cancer treatments, practical steps in preventing Alzheimer’s Disease and reversing cardiac plaque.

In what has traditionally been a doom-and-gloom area of personal health, is it a hopeful series? Definitely.

Is it for everyone? Well, you’ll have to make up your own mind there.


So why exactly is Fran Drescher doing this? It all goes back to her own battle with cancer.

“I am a uterine cancer survivor, but was misdiagnosed and mistreated for a peri-menopausal condition I didn’t have,” she writes on the Cancer Schamcer site. “At the time, I didn’t know to ask why or why not, because I was just happy to be told I was too young for something!”

“It took me two years and eight doctors before finally being told I had a gynaecological cancer,” she continues.

After writing her book “Cancer Schmancer” in 2002, Fran realised she wasn’t the only one to go through this. She also realised that so many diseases are preventable if there’s enough awareness and early detection.

So for over a decade, the loveable Nanny has been working to shift the focus from finding a cure for cancer and disease to promoting health and awareness of symptoms so that countless diseases may be knocked out as soon as possible.

For more information on the edu-series, check out Cancer Schmancer. 



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