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Jennie Garth Shares Early-Onset Osteoarthritis Diagnosis

Jennie Garth has revealed she has early-onset osteoarthritis – and she’s sharing her story to raise awareness about how the disease can impact people of any age.

Speaking to Insider, the Beverly Hills, 90210 star who turned 50 last month, shared that she was diagnosed with the condition three years ago after feeling stiffness and pain in her fingers, hands and knees.

“I was like, I’m too young for arthritis,” she tells the publication.

“When you hear the word arthritis, you associate it with the elderly and people who are immobile, who can’t live an active life,” Jennie adds, explaining that she hasn’t let her health condition slow her down yet.


According to Arthritis New South Wales, osteoarthritis is “a condition that affects the whole joint including bone, cartilage, ligaments and muscles.”

While symptoms vary from person to person, the most common ones listed by the organisation include pain and stiffness of the joints:

“These sensations are usually worst with activity initially but can be more constant in later disease. These symptoms may affect your ability to do normal daily activities, such as walking, climbing stairs and opening jars. Other symptoms may include clicking noises, grating sensations, or a loss of flexibility in a joint.”

During the interview, Jennie says she’s speaking out about her condition to make younger people aware that it can impact them too and it’s important to reach out to a doctor if you’re experiencing symptoms.

(Feature Image Credit: DFree/Shutterstock)

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