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Kate Beckinsale Reveals Pregnancy Loss and Shares Support for Chrissy and John

Kate Beckinsale (Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com)

 (Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com)

Kate Beckinsale has opened up about experiencing pregnancy loss after Chrissy Teigen and John Legend recently went public with the loss of their baby boy.

The English actress, model and mum took to Instagram to share her story, and point out there is no single way to grieve.

“As if there’s some protocol during soul-scouring calamity that, if not observed, emboldens people who do not know her or her family to say how she should be handling the unimaginable,” Kate begins, referring to some of the criticism Chrissy and John have received for sharing photos of their time in hospital.


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“Years ago, I lost a baby at 20 weeks,” Kate explains, saying she “collapsed inside” because no one knew.

“There is grief, shame and shock so often that come with an experience like this, plus the heartbreak of your body continuing after the loss, to act as if it had a child to nurture.  Your milk comes in, with no one to feed,” she continues.

“It can be the loneliest, most soul destroying period of time, particularly if you are not in the position of having an emotionally connected, supportive partner like Chrissy has.”

Kate says she believes it’s an honour to be allowed to see another person’s grief.

“Thank you Chrissy Teigen, for making sure it is abundantly clear how devastating this is, and how life changing it can be without support.”

Kate ends by reminding her followers to avoid judging others: “Let’s let the grieving decide what’s right for them. Send support or keep quiet. This is a really hard time to bear.”


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