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Matt Damon & Gary White Remind Us Global Water Crisis is Solvable in New Book: The Worth of Water

Hollywood star and philanthropist Matt Damon and his fellow Water.org co-founder, water engineer Gary White have released a book on how to best tackle the global water crisis – so that everyone may have access to clean, safe supplies.

It’s called “The Worth of Water” (published by Penguin Random House) and delves into the crisis that over 770 million – or 1 in 10 – people around the world currently face. A crisis that impacts health, education, poverty cycles, women’s livelihoods and so much more.

According to the nonprofit, there are 1.7 billion people who lack access to sanitation too. And while the problem seems impossibly huge and difficult to solve, the book looks at the incredible work Matt and Gary have done through their nonprofit, invites us to care about this basic necessity so many of our brothers and sisters lack and offers hope that significant change is possible.


The pair founded Water.org in 2009 and together, working with partners across East Africa, Latin America, South Asia and Southeast Asia, have helped more than 43 million gain access to safe water and sanitation. Part of their work involves providing $275 loans so that a water pump and storage tank can be installed in homes.

In their book, they share the stories of some of the people they’ve met including “Mama Florence” who used to spend most of her day riding a bike to collect water for her family. Once she received a loan, it completely changed her life. She had easy access to safe, clean water. She was able to use the water to grow vegetables, feed animals and make clay bricks. She managed to earn a livelihood for herself by selling the bricks.

“Matt and I are the ones narrating this story, but really it’s not our story,” Gary shares in a release posted on Water.org.

“It belongs to all the people around the world who have lived it, who are achieving something amazing together.”

He adds that while many people think that the global water crisis is one of the “permanent parts of life on this planet’ – it isn’t.

“The single most important thing we want them to take away from this book is that the crisis is solvable. Not ‘hopefully, eventually, theoretically’ solvable, but right here, right now.”

Proceeds from the book go to Water.org to support their important work.

You can learn more about the nonprofit here: Water.org

You can purchase your copy of the book here: Booktopia.com

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy Water.org/Penguin Random House)

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