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Mindy Kaling Inspires Fans to Get Breast Checks After Sharing Mammogram Selfie

Mindy Kaling smiling at a red carpet event. She wears a purple dress with one shoulder exposed, silver earrings that dangle toher shoulders and deep red lipstick. Her black hair is out behind her shoulders.

Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Mindy Kaling recently shared a mammogram selfie from the doctor’s waiting room in the hopes it would inspire her fans to get their checks too – and it’s working!

In the message posted to her social media platforms earlier this week, Mindy wrote:

“Feeling cute in my annual mammogram robe. Last year a lot of women missed their yearly mammogram, hopefully you can make an appointment to get checked. It’s so important.”


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She then went on to urge her followers to tag her in their pics – “and you KNOW I’m gonna comment.”

Well, her post has received replies from women all over the world, masked up, robed up and having their health checks.

And of course, Mindy’s kept her promise and is responding to them with words of encouragement:

“All my love and good wishes,” she commented on one Twitter user’s post who revealed she’s having a biopsy next week.


“Love this!! You’re the best!” she replied to another who wrote, “The best part is standing in front of the machine and dramatically throwing the cape back like you’re Wonder Woman revealing your true, super identity. Chest out, chin up. Let’s do this.”

The America’s Breast Cancer Research Foundation has praised Mindy for her simple act too: “Thank you for using your platform to share this important message!”

According to the World Health Organisation, there were 2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 and 685 million deaths globally.

(Feature Image Credit: @mindykaling/Instagram)

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