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P!nk is Recovering From Hip Surgery & Learning the “Gift of Accepting Help”

P!nk has undergone surgery on her hip – but she’s all good! Sort of.

The Grammy Award-winning singer took to Instagram to reveal to her 8.6 million followers that she had the operation last week and will make a full recovery, though she admits the healing process has been pretty “brutal” so far.

“Hey world! This is what 9 hours of sleep and cuddles from my kiddos looks like 7 days post hip surgery!!” she captioned a smiling selfie.


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After thanking all those at The Steadman Clinic in Vail who’ve been taking care of her, she went on to thank her husband, motocross star Carey Hart, for helping her get through the first few days post-surgery:

“I am never not completely grateful. It was a brutal first week full of tears and pain med depression, ulcers from meds and constant fevers, but my @hartluck brought me through,” she writes.


“He brought me coffee in the shower, lugged around my 100 pound CPM contraptions every where I went, dried my tears, cooked me oatmeal, kept track of my meds, got me my phone charger, plugged in my  compression machines, took my temp, made the bed and talked me off the ledge.”

P!nk, who will be on crutches for the next six weeks, goes on to explain how she’s now learning that it’s okay to reach out to someone when she needs it:

“I’m learning the gift of accepting help. My journey will be quick and intentional. And I will make a full recovery. For that I am so blessed.”

She also used the opportunity to highlight “those that face real, hard challenges” with their health and to “those making magic out of the impossible.”

Earlier this year, it was Carey who was in hospital having shoulder surgery and in September, he returned to get a disc replaced in his lower spine.

Hopefully no more hospital visits for either for them!

(Feature Image Credit: Cubankite/Shutterstock.com)

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