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Prince Harry Hopes to Build Global Mental Fitness Through New Job

Prince Harry has a new job!

The Duke of Sussex will become Chief Impact Officer at Better Up Inc, a mental health and coaching company he’s been using himself.

In a statement posted on the company’s website, Prince Harry shares why he’s joining the Silicon Valley startup and what he hopes to achieve:

“What I’ve learned in my own life is the power of transforming pain into purpose,” he writes.


“During my decade in the military, I learned that we don’t just need to build physical resilience, but also mental resilience. And in the years since, my understanding of what resilience means – and how we can build it – has been shaped by the thousands of people and experts I’ve been fortunate to meet and learn from,” he continues.

The Duke describes meeting BetterUp CEO Alexi Robichaux and discovering a “shared passion for helping others realise their full potential.”

He also says his own experience with using a BetterUp coach was “invaluable.”

Duke and Duchess of Sussex shake hands with fans at a public event. She wears a dark coat and his her hair tied back. He wears a white shirt and blue sweater under a dark coat. He stands behind her with one hand on her arm. They are both laughing.


So what exactly will he be doing in his new gig?

“My goal is to lift up critical dialogues around mental health, build supportive and compassionate communities, and foster an environment for honest and vulnerable conversations. And my hope is to help people develop their inner strength, resilience and confidence.”

Harry’s role will involve driving advocacy and awareness for mental fitness, influencing the vision of BetterUp’s platform and building their community.

“Self-optimisation is not about fixing something that’s broken. It’s about becoming the best version of ourselves, with whatever life throws at us – someone who is ready for the next challenge and can meet setbacks with courage, confidence and self-awareness.”

(Feature Image Credit: Cubankite/Shutterstock.com)

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