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Ryan Reynolds Wants You to Buy a “Boring AF” T-shirt to Support Canadian Hospital Staff

Ryan Reynolds urges fans to support Canadian hospital staff. (Photo: @vancityreynolds/Instagram)

(Photo: @vancityreynolds/Instagram)

Ryan Reynolds is hoping to raise money for hospital staff in urgent need of protective gear and in true Ryan Reynolds-style, he’s found a hilarious way to do it!

The actor has shared a video of himself on social media wearing a black and white T-shirt that simply reads “Conquer COVID-19”.

“As you can see it’s boring as f***!” he says.

“Black shirt, white type, not even a serif font! It’s like we’ve put no thought into this whatsoever,” he continues.

“This shirt is so unremarkable, it renders its wearer completely invisible. For example, I’m quarantining with my mother-in-law and she’s been looking for me for days.”

The actor urges his fans in Canada to buy the “boring as f***” tee because 100 per cent of proceeds go towards buying protective gear for frontline hospital personnel and the most vulnerable communities in Canada.

“The faster we get those guys protected, the faster they get us back to boring.”

You can watch his hilarious (but important!) video below:

And if you’d like to buy one of the “boring as f***” tees, please check out www.conquercovid19.ca for more info.


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