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Sir Elton John and Sir Michael Caine take part in an NHS public service video on the COVID-19 vaccine

Sir Elton John & Sir Michael Caine Star In Hilarious (But Serious) Vaccine Ad

The UK’s National Health Service has absolutely nailed its latest COVID vaccination campaign with the help of some big-hitting celebs.

The ad, which has gone viral, sees the Rocketman himself, Sir Elton John, pretending to audition as a vaccine spokesperson with a deliberately awful rendition of his 1983 hit “I’m Still Standing”, before the exasperated director can be heard saying, “Thanks Elton, we’ll let you know”.

The multiple-grammy award winner replies sassily, “Oh .. well at this short notice you won’t find anyone bigger”.


The screen then cuts to vision of Oscar-award winning actor Sir Michael Caine getting the vaccine, before staring down the barrel and delivering some of his most famous lines:

“Hello, my name is Michael Caine. I’ve just had a vaccine for COVID, it didn’t hurt .. not many people know THAT”.

As the screen fades to black, the director can be heard saying, “Okay, let the little fella [Sir Elton] know he didn’t get the job.”


The campaign has absolutely blown up online with many congratulating the NHS for giving everyone a bit of a laugh during what’s arguably been one of the most dumpsterfire-esque periods of human history.

Sir Elton has told the BBC he wanted to take part in the spoof, “to help show people the benefits of getting vaccinated and how it helps protect ourselves and the people we love.”

Authorities in the UK are struggling to keep on top of vaccine cynicism, as the mass roll out of the jabs continues there.

The roll out in Australia is set to begin later this month, and after that shining endorsement, I can confirm this Tiny Dancer is definitely IN.

Watch the ad in full below:


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