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Stars of "Contagion" reunite for coronavirus PSAs

Stars of ‘Contagion’ Share Important Messages About Coronavirus

Back in 2011, Matt Damon, Kate Winslet and Laurence Fishbourne all starred in the fictional movie Contagion, about a killer virus that spreads around the world.

Fast forward almost a decade and that movie is on high rotation again, thanks to the current coronavirus pandemic. So the actors have created a series of public service announcements to help share accurate information about the virus and dispel misinformation.

“That was a movie. This is real life,” Matt says in a video about social distancing made with the help of the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

“You can literally sit on your sofa or chair and save a life….Now is the time to spend all the time you want staring at your phone or tablet, and if anyone gives you a hard time about it, tell them not to bother you because you’re saving lives,” he continues.

Kate Winslet’s video focuses on the importance of washing your hands “like your life depends on it” while Laurence Fishbourne wants us to know that this really is moving fast and most people will know someone affected by the virus in the coming weeks.

Actresses Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Ehle also take part in the PSAs:


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