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The Zach Sobiech Fund Hits $3M in Donations for Osteosarcoma Research

Before he passed away from osteosarcoma, singer Zach Sobiech whose final year of life is portrayed in the 2020 film Clouds starring Fin Arguswanted to help create a world where no other family would have to lose their child to this rare form of bone cancer.

So his family started a fund in his name – the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund – to help raise money to find a cure. And this week, that fund hit $3 million in donations.

“We are so proud of this incredible milestone,” Zach’s mum, author Laura Sobiech tells CelebrityKind.

“And we are so very grateful for all those who joined together in big and small ways to build on Zach’s legacy of hope for kids diagnosed with osteosarcoma. We find comfort knowing that Zach’s spirit lives on in this hope.”

One of those who contributed in a big way is filmmaker Justin Baldoni. He brought Zach’s story to millions of people around the world, firstly through the My Last Days web series about young people with terminal cancer and then again in 2020 with the Disney+ movie Clouds.


The film not only thrust osteosarcoma into the mainstream media spotlight but also drew attention to Zach’s Fund, specifically mentioning it in the devastating prom scene as well as the closing credits.

Before the movie’s release, the fund had already reached $2.2 million in donations, with proceeds coming from numerous fundraisers and downloads of Zach’s music.

And while a cure for osteosarcoma is still in the works, Zach’s Fund has contributed greatly to advancing research.

According to ChildrensCancer.org, the fund made 15 new discoveries in osteosarcoma research in the space of five years including the identification of four genes that cause the rare cancer to flourish.

Then in 2018, Zach’s fund made it possible to start a new clinical trial that could lead to a future treatment for osteosarcoma, with no chemotherapy at all.

“I honestly and truly know that we are going to find something that is going to unlock the mystery of this disease that will help kids in the future,” Laura Sobiech tells the CelebrityKind podcast.

“And that’s what Zach wanted more than anything.”

(Feature Image Credits: courtesy Disney+; Sobiech family)

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