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What Pharrell’s “Angelic Energy” Post is All About

Pharrell posted this beautiful pic on his Twitter today with the caption “angelic energy.” 

So, what’s it all about?

Moeloco Flip Flop

It turns out the superstar was at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles charity event on the weekend. He’s pictured on stage, just moments after singing hit song “Happy” and dancing around with 9-year-old Eliana Georges, a former hospital patient.

She thanks Pharrell, hugs him and that’s when they have this special moment together – the angelic energy moment – where she puts her hand on his heart and they just talk.

“She knows how to hug the tears outta you,” the rapper says and yes, there’s definitely a little tear in his eye.

Eliana then asks for the mic and so eloquently says, I love Pharrell. He’s the greatest. Thank you so much for letting me up on the stage. I just wanna have a second with you.”

AND THEY HUG AGAIN. It is SUCH a beautiful moment. I would love to know what they said to each other in those few seconds. Check out the full heart-warming video below:

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