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The Chris Cornell music therapy program

Before his death, Chris Cornell made a promise to keep fighting for the world’s most vulnerable children. And now, thanks to his widow Vicky, and non-profit organisation Childhaven, that promise will be kept.

A new music therapy program has been set up in Seattle, in memory of Chris. It’s for kids under 5, who have been affected by abuse, neglect, domestic violence or other trauma.

Vicky explains, “Chris and I always shared a strong belief in the healing and inspiring power of music, and through Childhaven’s establishment of this program, we are able to keep the promise for Chris by continuing to protect the world’s most vulnerable children.” 

The program was set up after Vicky committed $100,000 to the non-profit organisation from the Vicky and Chris Cornell Foundation. It all happened on July 20, what would’ve been Chris’ 53rd birthday.

There is no doubt about the positive impact this program will have on the lives of many kids.  “Because of what they’ve experienced, a lot of children come to Childhaven struggling with anger and other overwhelming emotions,” says Brian Vogan, a local musician who runs music therapy sessions.  “Being able to beat on drums is really helpful for them. Other kids are very shy, and music helps to bring them out of their shell.”

According to Childhaven, their early learning music program teaches children emotional regulation and prepares them for school and life ahead.

“We’re honored to preserve Chris Cornell’s memory with this program,” says Childhaven CEO Jon Botten. “Music has the power to engage, to delight, and to heal. Thanks to the Chris & Vicky Cornell Foundation, more of our most vulnerable children will be able to use music to build the resilience they need to reach their full potential.”

If you’d like to help Chris Cornell continue his promise to help vulnerable children, you can donate to Childhaven here.

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