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Chef José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen Announces $1 Billion Fund to Feed People Impacted By Climate Emergencies

World-renowned chef and philanthropist José Andrés has announced his hunger-fighting charity World Central Kitchen (WCK) is creating a $1 billion fund to help communities better respond to climate emergencies.

The Climate Disaster Fund will be rolled out over the next 10 years and will not only feed people in the aftermath of extreme weather events, but will also focus on communities disproportionately impacted by climate disasters.

“At home and around the world, extreme weather causes most of the disasters we respond to at World Central Kitchen,” Andrés says in a video shared on socials, highlighting how food insecurity is also increasing the number of refugees worldwide.

“We cannot wait for more promises from world leaders. we need the fierce urgency of now.”

The nonprofit will also use the funds to expand their partnership with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s Archewell Foundation to create more Community Relief Centres or food hubs which are currently being built in regions of the world prone to climate disasters.


The first step though, is to put $50 million towards feeding communities recovering from these extreme events, which is a continuation of the incredible work WCK has already been doing – serving meals in Haiti after the earthquake hit in August, distributing meals to families impacted by wildfires in Spain and Greece, hurricanes in the Bahamas and monsoon season in India.

There are also plans to launch a Chef Relief Training Curriculum to help local students, chefs and others create their own disaster relief systems in their communities.

“This is a fight so hungry people can eat,” Andrés says.

“It’s also a fight to respond to the climate crisis all around us.”

WCK relies entirely on donations to carry out its projects and according to Bloomberg, part of the money for the Climate Disaster Fund has come from the $100 million Chef Andrés received through Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos’ “Courage and Civility Award” earlier this year.

(Feature Image Credit: Samuel de Roman/Getty Images)

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