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Wig stylist Kyle Kneath smiles for a photo

Getting to Know Celebrity Wig Stylist Kyle Kneath

When it comes to wigs, Kyle Kneath knows it all. The talented wig stylist and TVSN presenter from Wales has been honing his craft for three decades. His creativity and attention to detail has made him one of the most respected stylists in the industry – and he’s always full of great advice.

Check out our chat with him below:



1. What was your path to becoming a celebrity wig stylist? 

Studied as an actor, I touched on wigs and makeup for theatre, so in-between acting and modelling in London, I began to work with wigs on the side and loved it. I loved the transformation and the rest is history – 30 years later.


2. There are so many reasons why people wear wigs eg. health reasons like alopecia and
cancer, or simply wanting to change up their style. What’s your number one tip for those
exploring wigs for the first time? 

Find good quality wigs. Always try them on yourself. Don’t ask for too many options. Put your make up on. Don’t be afraid to experiment with changing your colour and style a little. Give yourself time to adjust, it’s just like having a haircut.


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3. What questions should people think about when purchasing a wig? 

Firstly, how often are you going to be wearing the wig? If it’s for hair loss and everyday wear, get 2as you don’t want to try to go too long with one as they’ll become harder to look after.


4. Can you share a memorable experience where you faced a challenge or a tight deadline, and
how you creatively overcame it to create a flawless final look for your client?

The first thing I’m always asked especially by celebrities or on photoshoots is please say you have your bag of wigs! Once people realise the convenience, the looks we can achieve with wigs and the different pieces, it’s a game-changer! The extensions are great and people think they’re the only option. I’ve saved many of my client’s own hair and brought it back to life after finding them the right wig, so give your hair a break.


5. If you hadn’t pursued a path in styling, what would you be doing instead?

Acting or performing in some way! Or having my own glamorous cabaret bar haha! Or fabulous clothes shop! Besides hair, I’ve always loved fashion.


Keep up with Kyle on Instagram: @kylekaine123


(Feature Image Credit: Supplied)

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