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Cher Announces Launch of ‘Cherlato Gelato’!

Cher has a delicious, new project in the works!

The music icon has revealed she’s launching her very own dessert brand and it has the perfect name – Cherlato Gelato!

“Yep, this is real,” she captioned a video posted on social media showing a colourful ice-cream truck with multiple graphics of her holding up a cone.

“I’m launching my gelato… Watch out LA! All started five years ago and now it’s finally HAPPENING.”


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And whilst Cher didn’t share much more about her venture into the dessert world, she did say there would be “more to come…”

Of course, her fans are absolutely delighted with the news with some suggesting in the comments that the flavours should be named after her songs:

“If I Could Turn Back Lime vegan gelato,” one fan posted.

“Do You Believe In Scoop After Scoop?” another wrote.

According to the Cherlato Gelato Instagram account, the treats are created by New Zealand-based creator, Giapo.

“A few years ago, Cher met Giapo,” a post reads, “and together, the pair brainstormed, taste-tested, experimented and eventually conceived Cherlato – the boldest and coldest gelato creations LA has ever had.”

Now that would’ve been some fun brainstorming and taste-testing!

Another post on the account reads: “We’ve partnered with local farmers and artisans who share our passion for quality and sustainability. With every scoop, you’re not just indulging in a sweet treat, you’re savouring the essence of California’s vibrant flavours and supporting our local communities.”

Cher, who recently celebrated her 77th birthday, famously proposed to have ice-cream with Britney Spears in Saint-Tropez after the singer was released from a 13-year conservatorship.

(Feature Image Credit: via @cher/ Instagram)

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