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Harry Styles Hilariously Responds to Fan At His Concert Holding Sign: “I Came With My Ex For You”

Some Harry Styles fans will, understandably, do just about anything to see him perform live – even endure the awkwardness of turning up to his concert with the person they broke up with two weeks ago!

You see, Harry spotted a fan in the crowd during his weekend “Harryween” concert holding a sign which read, “I came with my ex for you” and of course he had to investigate further.

“I have questions. First of all, why is that for me? I think it might be for you!” he can be heard joking in videos shared by audience members on social media.


The fan explains she and her ex had been together for seven months before breaking up a couple of weeks ago.

“You know..it’s very nice that you guys are here together. It’s very mature. It’s very nice that you can enjoy an evening out, you know, as friends,” Harry continues before getting a little cheeky.

“Seven months ago, seven months and two weeks ago, there was a time when you though, ‘We like each other a lot.’ I don’t know where your relationship is at now. It’s clearly better than some people. But for tonight, just for tonight, let’s take it back all the way,” he says to an audience full of applause.


But then he clarifies: “I don’t mean she has to go back out with you. She can do whatever she wants. My point is, let’s reminisce on a night seven months and two weeks ago when you two looked at each other, deep in the eyes, and you thought, ‘Yeah, you’ll do’.”

Harry then wished the exes all the best “both separately and together” (lol) before turning his attention to the ex-boyfriend:

“Are you okay also, sir, I didn’t ask,” he starts, suddenly noticing the pair were… embracing!

“Oh, they’re kissing!” Harry laughs.

“Are you alright? I didn’t ask if you were alright. Are you good? You’re good. He’s good. I mean, he’s good now!”

Watch the full, hilarious moment below:

(Feature Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

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