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Jonas Brothers Superfan Haley Lu Richardson Gets a Sweet Surprise From Nick!

The White Lotus star Haley Lu Richardson is living out her teenage dreams!

Appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the actor who is a big fan of the Jonas Brothers, revealed that she once made a special tie for Nick – her favourite of the trio – to give to him at a meet-and-greet, “because Nick at the time was going through a tie phase.”

But, alas, it was taken by security. Can you imagine how 13-year-old Haley must’ve felt at the time?

“I don’t know if he ever got it, but it haunts me,” she explains.

Of course, being on the Late Late Show, host James Corden has a little surprise up his sleeve – a Facetime call with Nick Jonas himself!

In between lots of swearing, squealing and hiding behind her hands in embarrassment, Haley eventually manages to gather her composure and ask, “is this a pre-recorded video?” to which Nick confirms it isn’t.

“I promise you, I literally just finished,” he says.

“What did you just finish?” Haley asks him.

“I just finished White Lotus last night!”

As the conversation continues, Nick, being the sweet soul that he is, claims that he still has the tie Haley made him 15 years ago.

“You’re just saying that!” Haley says, calling out his white lie, before sharing a heartfelt message, with hints of child-like excitement…

“Nick can I tell you something? I just wanted to tell you, you’re a huge part of my childhood and therefore life forever. All of my Converses as I said earlier that I had in grade school and middle school had your name on it…. I’m just so proud of the three of you. And I’m so happy for your lives and your creative endeavours and your families. And I love you!”

And the best part? Nick goes on to make a promise to Haley that no doubt made her inner teenage heart somersault through her body:

“Next time you wanna come to a show, bring another tie and I’ll make sure that it gets to me!”

You can watch the wholesome (and hilarious!) interaction in full HERE.

(Feature Image Credit: DFree/Shutterstock)

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