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Queer Eye Lego Set minifigures of the Fab 5.

LEGO is Launching a “Queer Eye” Set to Celebrate Creative Expression and Positivity

The most fabulous LEGO set is coming October 1.

The company has announced a collaboration with “Queer Eye”, launching a 974-piece pack featuring mini-figures of Tan France, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown and Jonathan Van Ness. Even Bruley the dog is there and Jonathan’s beloved high school teacher, Kathi Dooley, who had one of the show’s most memorable makeovers!

“LEGO bricks played such an important part in my childhood,” Bobby, the group’s interior designer, says in a statement.

“Clicking those little bricks together really sparked my imagination and creativity. Collaborating with the LEGO team was an absolute dream come true! It would be any kid’s dream and now it’s my reality.”

According to LEGO, “the set recreates the original loft from Season 1 and 2 of the show” and is “packed with authentic details, including the iconic ‘STYLE, TASTE, CLASS’ sign and accessories to highlight each of the Fab Five’s talents.”


And perhaps most importantly, the aim here is to not only inspire creativity but also positivity and kindness:

“In this set we’ve captured themes central to both the LEGO Group and the show – caring, creativity, learning and fun. While the Fab Five rebuild people’s lives, we are on a mission to inspire people to get creative and help rebuild a more positive world,” says LEGO’s Vice President of Design, Matthew Ashton.

He adds that the creative team’s biggest challenge was replicating Tan France’s hair – “We didn’t have an element that did his gorgeous hair justice, so we had to make an entirely new wig element – in shimmering silver of course!”

Check out LEGO’s announcement below:


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