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Jaren Lewison, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Darren Barnet at the season 4 premiere of 'Never Have I Ever' in Los Angeles.

Ben or Paxton? Maitreyi Ramakrishnan Cleverly Pranks Media & NHIE Fandom

Senior year has arrived at Sherman Oaks with the fourth and final season of Never Have I Ever finally dropping on Netflix – and sure, Devi Vishwakumar may have trouble choosing between Ben and Paxton, but Maitreyi Ramakrishnan certainly does not!

The actor who portrays the feisty, ambitious and entirely loveable lead in the hit Netflix series, is often asked to choose between Devi’s onscreen love interests during interviews. And every single season, Maitreyi has remained tight-lipped, always giving the highly respectable answer of “Team Devi”.

Until now, that is.

Well… sort of.

You see, depending on which interview you check out, Maitreyi – who is known for her prankster ways – keeps changing her answer. And convincingly so, might I add! Like, if this doesn’t prove our girl is one of the greatest actors of our time, then I don’t know what will.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she says, “I am Team Ben” explaining why she couldn’t possibly choose Paxton:

“If you’re embarrassed to be with me once, you’re embarrassed to be with me later. Because I’m only going to be more of a hot mess. Now Ben? Also a hot mess!”

In an interview with Variety, she says, “I am Team Paxton” explaining how through the seasons, Devi discovered who he really is on the inside:

“Paxton is not perfect, and has to deal with his own things. He’s not just a stud; he’s kind of a dork as well. They have that undeniable chemistry where they push each other in more ways than one — like yes, academically [for] Paxton, but as a person, where Devi has to grow and be someone who learns how to control her emotions in a way that still values her emotions. And I think that’s pretty damn great.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she reverts to being “Team Ben”:

“Paxton, you’re done. You’re outta here. You need to grow up. Ben and Devi have known each other for so long. They rival each other academically, they’re both stubborn, but in the best ways with one another. They push each other to grow, be better, and see outside of themselves at times too. They’ve grown up together. So yeah, Team Ben!”

But then in an interview with Narcity, she’s back to “Team Paxton”!

“I am a hopeless romantic. So I am team Paxton. I think their romances are the best. I think their scenes are just amazing. Like in how it’s filmed, it’s so just like gooey, you know, and it’s just romantic.”

And friends, the list goes on. She jumped back and forth with every single interview she did promoting this final season. And she did it all with a straight face. (Like how Maitreyi? How did you not snort with laughter every single time?)

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Hinting at the prank hours later on Twitter, she explained it was always going to be about Team Devi in the end: “As if I’d be into her being associated with a man over her self worth as a young woman BAHAHAHA.”

Bahahaha indeed!

Also, could we please take a moment to appreciate this hilarious tweet featuring a young Maitreyi with a classic bowl haircut, smiling and making a thumbs up gesture:


A prankster to rival George Clooney perhaps? Please, someone put them in a movie together, just so we can hear about their behind-the-scenes shenanigans!

The fourth season of Never Have I Ever is out now on Netflix. Check out all the pics from the season premiere HERE!

(Feature Image Credit: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

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