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Barbie's Malibu Dream house is available to rent on Airbnb. This photo shows a three storey pink mansion with a pink slide and pool.

You Can Stay At Barbie’s Malibu Dream House Through Airbnb!

Come on Barbie, let’s go party …at the Barbie Dream House in Malibu! Yes, it actually exists and you can now stay there through Airbnb!

The spectacular three-storey mansion looks very much like it came right out of the upcoming Barbie movie set, with a polished pink exterior and matching interior, a giant pink slide, disco room and a pool with floating letters that spell out “KEN”.

“We all have dreams, and Barbie is lucky enough to have a house full of them,” Ken, your Airbnb host, says in a press release announcing the rental. “But now, it’s my turn and I can’t wait to host guests inside this one-of-a-kind – dare I say, one-of-a-Ken – digs.”

And the digs have certainly been Ken-ified with a distinct cowboy theme throughout.

“Situated along the stunning, photogenic coastline, the Malibu DreamHouse is a sunny surfer’s sanctuary surrounded by beach, beach and more beach – just the way I like it,” he says on the website.

Inside Barbie's dream house Airbnb: The master bedroom has pink carpet, pink walls and cowboy hats on display.

Courtesy Airbnb


Barbie's Malibu Dream House Airbnb: This sun deck features pink furniture, overlooking an ocean.

Courtesy Airbnb


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Barbie's Malibu Dream House Airbnb: check out the pink sun deck with spa.

Courtesy Airbnb

“I’ve decked out the place with a little more…well, me! I’m more than just beach! My cowboy stuff is great. And horses! Guitars, games and more. And of course, rollerblades, because I literally go nowhere without them. Now, guests can live it up Ken-style for a neon night in Barbie Land – six-pack not included.”

Oh Ken. 

From July 17,  you’ll be able to apply for a one-night stay at the house for up to two guests on July 21 and 22. You can check out the full details, terms and conditions HERE.

The fun listing coincides with the release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. And to mark the occasion, Airbnb has announced they’ll be making a one-time donation to Save The Children, an organisation providing learning resources and support to children, families and communities in over 100 countries, to help build girls’ confidence and help them excel in school.

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy Airbnb)

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