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New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern’s “Hot Mic” Moment Raises $100k For Prostate Cancer Charity

You might remember New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made headlines recently after referring to a fellow politician as an “arrogant pr***” when her mic was still on.

She was talking about David Seymour who leads the libertarian ACT Party and who had been shooting question after question at her about her Labour government’s record for a good seven minutes.

And just when we all thought, uh oh, where could this all possibly go from here? Things have taken a surprisingly kind turn!

The two politicians teamed up to auction off an official parliamentary script of their words for charity, raising just over $NZ100,000 in the process.

“Can’t say I expected this,” the PM writes on her official Facebook page.

“A faux pas with the old mic in parliament has turned into $100,100 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. My thanks to David for being a good sport and to everyone who placed a bid.”

The online auction – hilriously referred to as “Ardern, Seymour Join Forces For Pr***s Everywhere” – received more than 280 bids.

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy trademe.co.nz)

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