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Octavia Spencer Shares Her “Whimsical Bucket List” & Encourages Us All to Create One Too!

Actress, author and producer Octavia Spencer is sharing a list of a different kind this holiday season – and honestly, it’s awesome!

She’s calling it her “whimsical bucket list” and no, it’s not quite a ‘Christmas wish list’. And no, it’s not quite a ‘things I have to do before I die’ list either.

It’s a list of things that she knows will bring her joy over the next year and she’s gonna make it happen because hell yes, a joyful 2022 is exactly what we all need right now!


“With all that’s going on in the world, we must be vigilant citizens and sometimes that vigilance costs us emotionally,” Octavia captions a video of herself on Instagram.

“So, along with the goals that I set for myself, I’m also making a whimsical bucket list to ensure I have many fun times.”

What are these fun times she’s talking about?

“I wanna go to Kevin Bacon’s farm and have one of his Musical Mondays and meet the llamas and the goats!” Octavia says.

If you’re not familiar with Kevin, his Musical Mondays or his llamas and goats, stop what you’re doing right now and check this out:


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A post shared by Kevin Bacon (@kevinbacon)

“Jennifer Garner!” Octavia continues with her list, “now that I know you have a farm and I grew up in the South, I might wanna come over and ride a damn tractor!”

FYI, Jen has already agreed to make this happen, responding in an Insta story “be careful what you wish for!”

The list also included a make up sesh with Beyoncé’s mama Tina Knowles Lawson, some lip-synching with Leslie Jordan, a workout with Will Smith, Italian lessons with Jessica Chastain and cuddling some foster kittens, because why not?

Everything on there is stuff that makes Octavia smile and feel joy. And she’s encouraging us all to think about the very things that bring us joy too – our very own Whimsical Bucket List.

“Do everything you can to nurture your spirit and put good back out into the world,” she ends her clip.

Check out her full message below:

(Feature Image Credit: DFree/Shutterstock)

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