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Paris Hilton wears a striking red dress at a red carpet event. She is looking over her shoulder at the camera and her hair is just below her shoulders.

Paris Hilton Brilliantly (& Hilariously) Responds to Pregnancy Rumour

Despite what the tabloids may be telling you, Paris Hilton is “definitely not” pregnant!

The entrepreneur, reality star and teen care reform advocate has responded to the headlines which are all over the internet today – and let me tell you friends, she has responded brilliantly. 

Maybe even a little hilariously.

“I woke up to about 3,000 texts, all my iPhones are blowing, all five of them,” she begins on her This is Paris podcast.


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“Everyone wishing me congratulations and saying they’re so happy for me and yes, I’ve heard from people I haven’t heard from in years. So umm, yes thank you everyone for all the messages. Yes, I’m pregnant with triplets. So thank you guys for the congratulations. I really appreciate it. I am just so excited for motherhood,” she laughs, putting on a cheeky voice.

Wait a minute, WHAT,  you must be thinking right about now?

Yeah, well that’s the hilarious bit.

“Actually, I’m just kidding!” Paris follows it up, back in her regular tone.


“I am NOT pregnant. Not yet.” she says before explaining that she’s waiting until after her upcoming wedding to Carter Reum.

“So I don’t know how this rumour started but I’m assuming it was the Paris Hilton push-up bra from my new lingerie line. I was wearing it at dinner with my fiancé Carter. We went to Nobu in Malibu and I guess some people got some shots and they put them out. And now they have a very reliable source that says Paris Hilton is pregnant.”

And you know, even if she were pregnant, why do the tabloids feel the need to splash this news all over the world without her permission? Announcing your baby news in your own special way is one of life’s little joys – Why do they insist on taking this away from people?

Kinda mean, no?

Anyway, back to Paris and her brilliant response – the part where she highlights that the tabloids love to fabricate stories and that if we can learn anything from this ridiculous pregnancy rumour, it’s to make sure we get our news from the source, not the publications sharing photos of her wearing a push-up bra in Malibu:


“People always make up rumours and I’m very used to it at this point after being in this industry for as long as I have” she says.

“I think it teaches, in life, you can’t always believe what you read. I’ve learned that definitely over the years of being in this business and just having so many rumours made up about me all the time. And I’m going through a lot in my life, but this rumour is definitely not true!”

She adds that one day she would like to have kids though and she’s hoping it’ll happen in 2022, after the wedding.

“I can’t wait to have a little girl, I want to name her London. That’s always been my dream sine I was a little girl.”

And if it’s a boy?

“I want to name him after a city or a country or a state as well. I have a name but I’m not going to say it yet. I might keep it a surprise and I don’t want anyone stealing my baby name for that one. I’ve said London for a long time so, I can’t really hid e that one.”

You can listen to her full response to the rumours HERE.

(Feature Image Credit: Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com)

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