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Ryan Reynolds Celebrates Rob “Mackle-Henney” With The Greatest Birthday Song, Maybe Ever

Ryan Reynolds is celebrating fellow actor and Wrexham AFC co-owner Rob McElhenney’s birthday in the most spectacular way!

With a little help from the brilliant musical minds of Justin Paul and Benj Pasek, singer Charlotte Church, Rob’s wife, actor Kaitlin Olson, and a bunch of Wrexham peeps, Ryan created a musical number for Rob’s 46th birthday on April 14, teaching the world how to pronounce his surname … correctly!

“Pronouncing all those Ns and Es and Hs can perplex ’em/ So here’s a little birthday gift from all your mates in Wrexham!” the Deadpool star sings.

“First it’s Mack-le, like a tackle when we take ’em to the ground / Then Henney, like the penny that he’s in for with the pound,” he continues.

And in true Ryan-style, he also takes a moment to hilariously highlight all the times Rob’s name has been pronounced incorrectly.

“While ways to mispronounce and massacre it, there are many!”

Captioning the 2 minutes and 18 seconds of pure hilarity on social media, Ryan writes: “Would be a real shame if this became a Wrexham AFC Racecourse chant.”

As for Rob? Well, he was left rather speechless!

“This is… I mean… I don’t… Wow” he posted on Twitter. 

Oh, and Blake Lively (aka actor, director, philanthropist and the wonderful human who happens to be married to Ryan) has since entered the conversation too. Posting the video in her Instagram stories, Blake cheekily writes: “wow @vancityreynolds that’s a lot of effort you put into this…”

She adds, “Can’t wait for August 25th,” which is her own birthday!

This isn’t the first time Ryan has gone all out for Rob either. Last year, he unveiled a commemorative urinal in Rob’s honour!

(Feature Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock; Ryan Reynolds/Twitter)

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