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Ryan Reynolds’ Mum Tammy Stars in Aviation Gin Ad (& She Has Notes On His Cocktail-Making Skills!)

Ryan Reynolds has teamed up with his mum Tammy Reynolds in a new clip for his Aviation Gin brand, and yes, they are as funny and as adorable as you can possibly imagine!

In the video shared on social media ahead of Mother’s Day this Sunday, the pair are seen crafting a new cocktail together called “Mother’s Ruin Punch.” And well, the one minute and 15 seconds that follows is a mix of Ryan’s witty banter and Tammy’s motherly pointers – a cocktail of hilarity, shall we say.

“It’s almost Mother’s Day. That time of year when we recognise our mums for all the love and support they show us. And today I’ve asked my own mum to help me raise a glass to mothers everywhere with a special cocktail called ‘Mother’s Ruin Punch’.”


So Ryan begins mixing up the drink (and yes, there’s a cameo from Blake Lively’s Betty Buzz drinks line in there too) but Tammy repositions his spoon, sweetly reminding him to “always stir counterclockwise, honey.”

“Thank you,” Ryan says, looking straight at the camera with the expression of a grown-up being told what to do by his mum.

He goes on to add various liquids to the Punch, only to be interrupted by Tammy once again: “Is that how you want to do it, sweetheart?” to which Ryan, visibly annoyed, continues to look at the camera with a fake smile.


When the mixing is finished and he begins to pour the drink, well he can’t get that right either, can he? “Not too much!” Tammy hilariously scolds.

Ryan ends the clip dryly adding that “as this chills for an hour, you’ll want to spend that time reflecting on everything your mum has done for you over the years.” But of course Tammy interrupts again:

“I don’t see any coasters!”

Ryan continues: “Or just add champagne while it’s warm and drink the ever-loving sh** out of it.”

And just when we think that’s the end of it, Tammy chimes in once again: “We can fix your performance in post, sweetheart.”

Ryan’s famous pal Hugh Jackman commented on the clip, “Happy Mother’s Day Tammy! You should get a special honour for raising that one. I’m just saying.” Lol. 

Watch the glorious video in full below:

(Feature Image Credit: YouTube/Ryan Reynolds)

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