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A Couple Made TikToks For a Year Asking Andy Grammer to Sing At Their Wedding – AND HE DID!

Persistence is key, they say, and it couldn’t be more true for one U.S. couple who are fans of singer Andy Grammer. 

Syd and Ry spent 345 days – yes, almost an entire year – making TikToks asking Andy to sing at their wedding. They did TikTok dances. They jumped on TikTok trends. They asked their 32k+ TikTok fans to tag him and let him know how much they wanted him there. Every. Single. Day.

They even managed to catch Andy during an Insta Live to ask him directly and he responded saying he’d consider the dates…

And then, at his Minneapolis concert in February this year, international superstar Andy Grammer took to the stage and let Syd and Ry, who were in the audience that night, know that yes, he would sing at their wedding!


On June 11, Andy turned up to Syd and Ry’s special day, sang “I Am Yours” while the couple shared their first dance and gave them memories to last a lifetime.

“When we started this, over a year ago, we never thought it could come true,” Syd and Ry tell CelebrityKind.

“Having Andy not only come to our wedding, but include us in his circle through this journey has been amazing. He has supported us from thousands of miles away and truly showed us that you can do anything you put your mind to. We were so thankful for this lifelong memory that he helped create.”


Andy shared footage of the special day on his socials, explaining that he gets asked to sing at weddings frequently but never the way Syd and Ry went about it!

“I’ve never had someone ask me publicly every day on @TikTok_us for A YEAR! Not only that but it’s that they did it every day with a sweetness, sincerity, playfulness and joy. Is this not what marriage ultimately asks of us?”

Check out how it all went down below:

(Feature Image Credit: Supplied; @sydandry2022/Instagram)

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