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A Writer Asked to Borrow Lizzo’s Dress For a Special Event – AND LIZZO CAME THROUGH!

Lizzo just turned into a real-life fairy godmother!

The superstar has helped out a fan who couldn’t find a dress for a prestigious event by sending them one of her own fancy gowns – and as you can imagine, there were screams and tears all ’round.

You see, back in October, writer, poet and activist Aurielle Marie asked the TikTokverse for help after being chosen as one of Out 100’s LGBTQ+ Literary and Publishing stars of the year. They specifically addressed Lizzo in the video, asking whether they could borrow the red tulle Giambattista Valli dress she wore to this year’s Emmys.

“I can’t find anything, anywhere that is big b**** and red carpet ready,” Aurielle explains.

“I know you know how it feels to be the biggest b**** in the room and all the scrutiny and hyper visibility that comes with that because I’ve watched you talk about it and the audacity that you’ve marked in your career has helped me step out and be audacious myself.”

@auriellebewritin #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen 10 years of grinding, perfecting my craft, and betting on me, and Y’ALL THEY JUST TOLD ME IM ONE OF THE #OUT100 ♬ original sound – Aurielle Marie

Marie goes on to explain that not being able to find something to wear made them feel like not going to the event at all.

“I don’t know who’s probably gonna see this and I know even if it gets over to your ‘for you page’ you’re probably gonna be like, ‘who is this random b**** asking for my clothes?’ But I figured the worst thing you’re going to say is ‘No’.”

But instead, Lizzo said hell yes. Well, sort of.

According to a tweet by Aurielle, 10 minutes before leaving for their flight to New York for the event, they received the special package from Lizzo.

And while it wasn’t the singer’s 2022 Emmys dress, they did receive Lizzo’s 2019 magenta tulle dress from the American Music Awards – as well as a seamstress to make sure it could be tailored to their shape.

“She’s literally the sweetest, like. I’m literally a stranger??? And she did this???” Aurielle commented on a video they shared unboxing the dress and trying it on.

@auriellebewritin Replying to @noirediamonds i might’ve gotten a few tears on your dress @lizzo, my bad babe! Words dont suffice, and thank you isnt enough. But THANK YOU! I’m speechless. Y’all! A bitch is certified LIZZO SIZED!!!!!! And LOOK AT THIS GOWN! @Out Magazine here i come! #fyp #foryou #lizzo ♬ 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) – Lizzo

In a follow-up TikTok, Aurielle adds that from now on, whenever they talk about “the dress” they are referring to Lizzo’s dress and not their wedding dress!


(Feature Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images; @auriellebewritin/TikTok)

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