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Adrian Grenier’s Pledge To Stop Using Plastic Bottles

First, he got us to ditch the single-use plastic straws. Now, Adrian Grenier is hoping we’ll do the same with single-use plastic bottles.


The environmental activist and actor has teamed up with the Oceanic Society and Soda Stream USA to encourage us all to switch to more sustainable, environmentally friendly options – like a reusable glass bottle or yes, even a Soda Stream sparkling water maker will do.

He’s signed the #SodaStreamPledge and you can too. It’ll mean 3,500 fewer plastic bottles ending up in waste per family each year – that’s a lot of bottles NOT polluting our oceans!


Nehal is an award-winning news presenter and the founder of positive celebrity news site CelebrityKind. (She's also a mummy-of-3, chocoholic and Opraholic!)

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