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Adrian Grenier wants you to #StopSucking

#StopSucking on single-use plastic straws – that’s what Entourage star and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Adrian Grenier is asking all of us to do right now.

Why? Because there are 500 MILLION – yes MILLION – straws being used in America every single day and they’re ending up in our oceans, causing pollution and killing sea life. That doesn’t even take into account the number of straws we’re using here in Australia, or anywhere else in the world.

And if that number isn’t mind-blowing enough, just hang on, it gets worse. According to the team at Lonely Whale, the not-for-profit foundation Adrian co-founded a couple of years ago, by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish!

To stop this from happening, Adrian’s launched an awesome (and hilarious) campaign urging us all to #StopSucking. Basically, the next time you order a green juice or a smoothie, don’t use a single-use straw. There are other alternatives, like metallic straws, reusable plastic straws, environmentally-friendly paper straws, bamboo straws and of course… you could just drink straight from the cup, right?

It’s a really simple change that everyone can make. Check out the campaign video below and click HERE to join all the fun and save our oceans.

Hey, could you #stopsucking already?!

If we don’t act now, by 2050 plastics in the ocean will outweigh the fish. One small change can have a big impact: #stopsucking on plastic straws.Accept and challenge your friends: https://stopsucking.strawlessocean.org

Posted by Lonely Whale on Tuesday, 8 August 2017

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