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Adrian Grenier’s New Entourage

You can forget about Johnny, Turtle and E! Adrian Grenier has a new “entourage” these days – the amazing men and women at the United Nations.

The actor has just been appointed UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador. His mission is to raise awareness about some of the biggest issues facing our planet today and generate some action. Things like, reducing the amount of single-use plastic that’s consumed every year, protecting marine species and reducing our overall environmental footprint.

So basically, everything you see on Entourage – the excess consumption, the lack of consequences?  Yeah. The total opposite of that.

When I started looking into Adrian’s involvement in environmental issues, I was shocked by 2 things:

1. This guy has been doing so much for the planet – SO MUCH – for years now. And,
2. He’s 40-years-old! 40! (Adrian, you look like a teenager!)

But back to the bit about doing so much for the environment. Much like fellow UN Environment Ambassador Gisele Bündchen, Adrian has well and truly earned his position as Ambassador:

– In 2015, he co-founded an organisation to clean up our beaches and oceans, and protect its marine life. Since then, The Lonely Whale Foundation has been making waves. BIG waves. If you haven’t already seen some of their social media campaigns, you are missing out my friend! They’re the ones behind the #StopSucking movement, a campaign to ditch single-use plastic straws (which is not only a waste of plastic, but also ends up polluting our oceans.) They want to remove at least 500 million straws in the US this year alone:

– Also in 2015, he became computer giant DELL’s first Social Good Advocate, aiming to make “conscious consumption sexy” and to raise awareness about sustainability in business through things like responsible recycling of electronics.- Last year, he teamed up with Richard Branson for a 3.3km swim off the coast of Sicily for his #MakeASplash campaign. They were highlighting the importance of working together to improve ocean health. They asked their social media followers to explain how much they appreciate the ocean and everything it provides. The campaign was a mega success with 265 million social media impressions and 9,000 posts, proving the message is getting out there.

– Adrian has spoken out about environmental issues on a number of occasions including the 2016 US State Department Conference on ocean conservation. My favourite line?

 “In the reality of television, there are no consequences. But in the real world, there are.” 

His concern was that society is so disconnected from the ocean, that people no longer care what they throw into it.

– Earlier this year, he was in Bali with the UN Environment team to help launch its #CleanSeas campaign which is all about stopping plastic pollution in our oceans.

– He started SHFT.com, a platform to help us incorporate things that are good for the environment into everyday life, be it through music, film, food or other things.

The list goes on and will, no doubt, continue to grow as he takes on his new role with the UN.

So Adrian’s “entourage” these days involves the likes of UN Environment Chief Erik Solheim, but really, we can all be a part of his entourage by doing our bit for the environment, can’t we?

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