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And the Oscar goes to…

So they read out the wrong winner at the Oscars…..meh.

There was something else that happened on Oscars night and it was BEAUTIFUL. It was SO beautiful, FOR THE LOVE OF OPRAH, we need to talk about it!

Copia founder Komal Ahmad, actress Freida Pinto at the Women In Film event, Oscars 2017. Photo with permission from Copia.

​Thanks to actress Freida Pinto and food-donation organisation Copia, more than 800 people who would’ve otherwise gone without a meal that night, were fed.
They teamed up to ensure all of the leftover food from the Oscars ceremony and various after-parties, including the Governor’s Ball and Vanity Fair, were delivered to communities in need around LA.

Desserts from the 2017 Oscars. Photo with permission from Copia.

Desserts from the 2017 Oscars. Photo with permission from Copia.
Every year, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck prepares the menu for the Governor’s Ball. That’s a feast for around 1,500 people. That’s also a lot of food, and as you can imagine, not everyone has a chance to tuck in.

This year, for the first time, the food was delivered to shelters and missions in LA, Freida doing some of the distribution herself.  We’re talking untouched platters of caviar potatoes, braised short ribs and even gold-dusted popcorn!

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