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Armie Hammer Paints Mural To #EndGunViolence

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Like many Americans,  Armie Hammer has had enough of gun violence. So he’s joining a global movement to raise awareness about ending it – using spray cans and paint.

The Hollywood star has been helping artist Tyler Ramsey create a peace mural at a liquor store in Venice, California. It’s one of dozens that have gone up around the world with important messages about ending gun violence.

“So Tyler called me and asked if I wanted to come down and contribute to the mural,” Armie says in an Insta post, “I said yes I wanted to come down and contribute with just a super simple question. And the question is so easy and so logical, that the fact that we don’t have a good answer for it shows how dumb we are. ”

Painted in black and yellow, Armie’s question is “HOW ABOUT WE STOP SHOOTING EACH OTHER?” The words sit amongst peace signs and the colourful main message which reads “END SCARY STUFF.”

Armie is nominating fellow actor Josh Brolin to do the same thing – raise awareness about ending gun violence through some form of art. He’s also urging his 1.1 million social media followers to #EndGunViolenceTogether – a hashtag started after TOMS founder Blake MyCoskie set up a system where Americans could send postcards to their representatives demanding they take action on what 90%of them actually agree on – and that’s universal background checks for all gun owners.

Check out Armie’s video message below:


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It’s not every day that an artist the caliber of Tyler Ramsey (@ramseyart) asks you to participate on a mural for a cause… so when it happens, you jump at the opportunity. The cause? ENDING GUN VIOLENCE! I’ve also been tasked with challenging another artist of incredible caliber and I’ve chosen to nominate JOSH BROLIN (@joshbrolin) to be the next artist to join the cause. Josh, you are hereby challenged and all you need to do is make a piece of art of your choosing for the purpose of bringing awareness to gun violence. Let’s #EndGunViolenceTogether – go to TOMS.com to send your representatives a postcard demanding they take action on what more than 90% of Americans agree on: universal background checks. @TOMS is also investing $5 million into organizations across the country who are committed to ending gun violence. This is the largest corporate contribution ever made to support this issue. Join me in making your voices heard. Go to @ramseyart for more info!

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