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Arnold Schwarzenegger (Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock.com)

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Birthday Goal is to Spread More Kindness Online

Arnold Schwarzenegger is celebrating his 75th trip around the sun and he has big plans for the year ahead…

In a newsletter to his fans (which you can subscribe to here), the Hollywood star and entrepreneur has opened up about seven goals he’d like to focus on for the next 365 days with spreading online kindness at the top of the list!

“I used to sit down every year and write down my goals. They were my dreams, really,” he shares, giving examples like “Win Mr. Universe” and “Get a role in a big studio movie.”

“My goals at 75 are ‘us’ goals, not ‘me’ goals,” he continues before sharing how choosing kindness often has a ripple effect and can help change the social media landscape:


“I see examples on the internet of people saying things to other people that they would never, ever say to a live human being. Social media was supposed to bring us all together,” Arnie writes. “There’s a moment when you can choose how you react, and too many of us blow right through that brief time with our thumbs hammering away to dunk on our imagined enemies.”


“Negativity gets more attention more easily, especially when it is pushed by grifters who profit from your outrage, but positivity can be contagious too.”

Hell yes Mr Schwarzenegger!

He goes on to describe how he pops into Reddit groups sometimes to boost and motivate random strangers and then others begin leaving kind comments online too.

“I’ve seen that we can all catch kindness on social media – that’s the world I want us to live in.”

Some of his other goals include being useful in every day tasks (for example, by helping someone with their groceries or reading to kids), working to end pollution, investing in and looking out for children in vulnerable communities and making fitness available to everyone.

(Feature Image Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock)

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