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Awkwafina smiles at a red carpet event. She wears a long-sleeve pink dress. Her black hair sits long on her chest.

Awkwafina Starts Lunar New Year With Donations to Help Fight Anti-Asian Hate

Awkwafina is kicking off the Lunar New Year with kindness and generosity.

The actress, comedian, rapper and TV host has revealed she’s made a number of donations to organisations fighting anti-Asian hate.

“Lunar New Year was my fave holiday growing up, because I would get them red envelopes to pay for my Pokémon cards and Tommy Girl perfume,” she writes in an Insta post.


“But this year, Lunar New Year took on a different meaning. I am saddened, disturbed and devastated at the recent string of attacks against the Asian American community and against our elders,” she continues, referring to the murder of an 84-year-old Thai American man in San Francisco, an attack on a 91-year-old man walking down the street in Oakland, an assault on a 64-year-old Vietnamese American woman in San Jose and many more.


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“So for the YEAR OF THE OX, I’m giving the proverbial red envelope (only numbers with 8s) to some organisations that have done amazing work for social and racial justice.”

She tags @StopAAPIHate in her post which is a national coalition addressing anti-Asian hate amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the Asian American Legal Defense Fund and the Equal Justice Initiative.

And she shared screenshots of her donations, without disclosing the amount, dedicating them to her “Grandmafina”.

“Now’s the time to fight for unity over division,” Awkwafina continues.

“Empathy and understanding over hate.”

Awkwafina joins actors Daniel Dae Kim, Daniel Wu, Gemma Chan, Olivia Munn and many others who are using their platforms to urge the media and public to stop ignoring the violence.

(Feature Image Credit: Tsuni-USA/Shutterstock.com)

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