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CelebrityKind Movies: I Feel Pretty

Rated M 110 min

Amy Schumer, Busy Phillips, Aidy Bryant, Michelle Williams, Lauren Hutton, Rory Scovel

At first glance this is a film that may cross reference touchy subjects with little decorum, aiming at cheap laughs rather than effective emotions; WRONG. The inspirational heartbeat of a dreams can come true mantra as channelled by gorgeous star Amy Schumer, gives I Feel Pretty, undeniable pulse.

Single, trapped, working a basement office space for top beauty brand LeClaire and somewhat sad regarding her appearance, Renee Bennett (Schumer) does enjoy quality time with her loyal best friends Jane (Busy Phillips) and Vivian (Aidy Bryant). She also dreams of a job in the lavish parts of LeClaire – just upstairs – but feels her plump look hinders any chance of getting there.

While home alone on a stormy evening watching 1988 Tom Hanks classic, Big; Renee runs out into the pouring rain to make a wish of her own into a lucky fountain – to be beautiful. The morning after, during a cycle class she launches herself off the stationary bike seriously hitting her head, then upon waking up, has transformed into an irresistible stunner. Her new appearance is all in her own mind while everyone else can see the same Renee.

Upfront comedienne Amy Schumer is a force of nature as Renee, down to earth, incorporating values into heart, natural kinship, open-minded determination of her beliefs and best of all, she’s funny. 

“Upfront comedienne Amy Schumer is a force of nature as Renee…..and best of all, she’s funny.”

Totally understandable that one may assume fat shaming or rampart body issues is what lies beneath, in a society that will too often focus on perfection. But I saw it as a flipside to modelling, a comedy of awkward moments fashioned into honesty and cute romance of connection. It works, it’s frivolous.

Movies that come to mind are Shallow Hal (2001), Just Friends (2005) and to some extent the Bridget Jones’ Diary trilogy; did treat similar subject matter more abruptly while almost the entire career to date of talented duo Melissa McCarthy and Australia’s own Rebel Wilson, have relied on weight references for humour. I Feel Pretty, may be no classic but it is accomplished at being meaningful and entertaining.
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BLU RAY EXTRAS – Handful of deleted scenes, most quality enough to feature in film; Gag reel, not your typical bloopers, some of the hiccups are also actually funny emulating comradery among cast; Being Pretty, featurette of movie clips woven with actors ensuring beauty is within.

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