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Chris Hemsworth Perfectly Responds to the #GetChrisToCowra Campaign

That adorable #GetChrisToCowra campaign has caught the eye of the man himself, Chris Hemsworth – and his response is everything!

In case you missed it, the viral campaign not only showcases the beauty of the small Aussie town located four hours from Sydney, but also cleverly invites the Hollywood legend to become its ambassador so more tourists will visit. There’s even talk of building a “Big Chris” statue.  (Lols, but also, what a bloody great idea!)

And it worked. Chris has announced he’ll be stopping by the charming town as soon as he can!

“Big love to all the folks in Cowra for this amazing campaign, warmed my heart and made me smile!” the Thor actor shared on Instagram.


“I’m off shooting a film overseas soon but upon return next year I’m comin in hot!!”

Chris, who’s already a Tourism Australia global ambassador, also used the opportunity to highlight the struggles of all regional Australian towns like Cowra who have “suffered from a lack tourism due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

So…Cowra 2022 anyone?

(Feature Image Credit: Tinseltown/Shutterstock; @getchristocowra/Instagram)

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