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Ellen Pompeo smiles at a red carpet event. She wears a sleeveless white dress and her brown hair has lighter ends that sit softly on her shoulders.

Ellen Pompeo Kindly Responds to Fan Calling Latest Season of Grey’s Anatomy “Trash”

Ellen Pompeo just reminded the world that it’s okay to share differences of opinion online and there’s a way to respond to those differences with kindness.

The actress, who regularly responds to her followers on Twitter, received a message today from one Grey’s Anatomy fan who, referring to season 17, wrote: “I guess I’m an alien because this season was dumpster trash! I love the show but not this season.”

Ellen’s response?

It was refreshingly non-judgmental and kind in a Twitterverse that can quite often be anything but.


“All good! Seventeen seasons we can’t please everyone all the time,” Ellen posted.

“It’s definitely not easy keeping it going and keeping it great….I get it…thanks for checking it out anyway….and thanks for your feedback, it matters…sending you love.”

And the empathy continued when another fan commented, “you tell em sis.”

“No honestly, no shade at all…. the only show I’ve ever stuck with until the end was The Sopranos,” Ellen wrote.


“But why is someone saying they didn’t like something bad? It’s literally been on for two decades!! Let her live…there is plenty of shit I don’t like…”

She added another tweet which read: “Not to mention, people are allowed to feel however they want after this really fucked up couple of years we have had.”

Imagine if we all channelled a little bit of Ellen before we shared our thoughts online?

(Feature Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com)

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